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Natural Gas Investment Projected To Profit In 2008; Western Capital Assists Accredited Investors

For Immediate Release.

HOUSTON (Sept. 14, 2007)- Natural gas investors are rejoicing, as a recent U.S. Department of Energy study revealed that natural gas consumption is growing at a faster rate than any other primary source of energy.

The raw material, which is used in the production of chemicals, plastics and fertilizers, is projected to experience a profit surge with as natural gas consumption experiences an increase in demand of nearly five percent in the residential market and three percent in the industrial markets in 2008.

Currently, more than 60 million homes utilize natural gas, and 70 percent of all new homes are outfitted with natural gas lines.

Average Percentage of Natural Gas Use
Motels & Hotels
Retail Buildings

With high demands and low supply, natural gas investors are reaping the benefits, and corporations like Western Capital, Inc. are helping. Western Capital, Inc., a company that has pursued a policy of drilling low risk oil and gas prospects, specializes in acquiring high quality leases in proven fields, usually surrounded by existing production.

For more information on natural gas investments or how Western Capital, Inc. can assist, please visit www.oilandgasjointventures.com.


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